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Fun at the HSV Comic & Pop Culture Expo

This past weekend I was able to attend the Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo in Huntsville, Alabama. This is it's third year and my third year attending. I always have a blast at this event and am already amped for next year! Jeremy Long, the event Director, as well as his staff, put on an amazing and well planned convention. If you've never been, be sure to go next year!

My good friend, Ashley Chappell, and I shared a table again this year. I always have so much fun with Ash. She's a hoot and her books are fabulous! If you haven't read them, then do it! (

Me and my girl Ash!

Anyway, our books compliment each other and we work really well together. We'll be a lot more conventions together in the future!

Conventions are fun for a number a reasons. I get to meet new readers and catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while.

Ashley, Morgan, and Me

The atmosphere is infectious! I feel a peace surrounded by my nerdy people. Haha! Seriously, it's a very inclusive group. I had someone tell me that they loved going to conventions because they were allowed to be themselves there without fear of judgement. That really stuck with me with because it showed me how important events like this are for a lot of people. Use nerds are a certain breed and it's a good feeling to find a place where we feel like we fit in!

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