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Here you will find YA titles written under A.G. Porter

The Sacrifice of

Ava Black

Six months ago, Ava Black fell from her Queen Bee status. Once she ruled the halls of her high school without mercy, crushing her enemies and stepping on anyone who dared stand in her way. Now, amongst the peasants, she does everything she can to avoid her former friends, mainly Frankie the new reigning Queen, who now bullies her relentlessly.

Ava has accepted her fate, sticking to the shadows, knowing that karma has come to call. Plagued by debilitating migraines that steal her strength and sometimes her sanity, Ava does all she can to just survive. She knows that having a normal high school experience, friends, and fun is something of the past. That is until Keira Richards, their new exchange student, comes in and shows Ava she’s still worthy of friendship.

The two girls form a quick bond and Keira forces Ava to get out, experience life, forget about the nightmares of robed figures, ancient battles, and whispers of Thyana. She did so well for a while. But then Gabriel Matthews, the handsome loner, brings it all back to the surface. He seems to know a lot about her migraines, her dreams, and her past.

With dark and terrible things seeming to befall those around Ava, she’s desperate for answers. Can she and Gabriel move past their differences to figure out why she’s seeing these robed beasts roaming through their school and the streets of town?

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Natural disasters, plagues, and death are spreading now that the Goddess of Darkness and Destruction has been freed. The fabric of reality is unravelling and the world as we know it is slowly crumbling to Thyana’s intricately designed plan to annihilate the human species.

Gabriel Matthews along with his friends and fellow defected Mavors, chase signs of the apocalypse with hopes of stopping the end of the world. On the run from the only life he’s ever known after being labeled a traitor, he will do anything to complete his mission: saving humanity. But saving the world only matters if he can save the one person he cares about the most, Ava Black.

Freed from the clutches of Thyana, with new abilities that make her question her whole existence, Ava Black finds herself racing to save the ones she loves, the world, and if she has time, her soul. She has worked so hard to become a better person, and now, she barely feels human at all. Will her friends welcome her back? Will Gabriel still see her as she was? Could Keira be right? Could Ava be just as bloodthirsty as Thyana?

The Second Death of Ava Black is the action-packed conclusion to the YA Paranormal duology, The Witches of Thyana by A.G. Porter.

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The Second Death of

Ava Black


The Second Death of

Ava Black

In a world of darkness and shadows for millennia, Thyana was content in her solitude until Mother arrived and she learns she is not the only being of power in the universe. Watching in wonder, Thyana witnesses the creation and destruction of worlds as Mother creates for her three siblings, each with a power of their own, and Thyana realizes just how alone she had been.

Her love for her siblings knows no end, but it is her sister, Tepkunset whom she holds most dear. As the Goddess of Light and Life, Tepkunset uses her powers to create the first humans. Despite the jealousy coursing through her Thyana tries to be supportive, praising Tepkunset’s power and creations. But, Thyana has a family now and will do anything to protect them, even if it means protecting them from themselves.

What happens when the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness disagree on the human’s place in the world they created?

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