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Here you will find YA titles written under A.G. Porter

The Sacrifice of

Ava Black

The worst part about falling from power isn't the descent. It's the haunting echoes of former glory that linger in the shadows.

Ava Black's reign as the Queen Bee of her high school came to an abrupt end six months ago. She used to rule the halls with an iron fist, mercilessly crushing her enemies and stomping on anyone who dared oppose her.

Now, amongst the peasants, she makes every effort to avoid her old friends, especially the new reigning queen Frankie who bullies her relentlessly.

Plagued by debilitating migraines that steal her strength and sometimes her sanity, Ava does all she can just to survive. A normal high school experience is a thing of the past... until Keira Richards appears and shows Ava she’s still worthy of friendship.

Their bond encourages Ava to break out of her shell and forget about the nightmares of robed figures, ancient battles, and the strange whispers of Thyana.

Enter Gabriel Matthews, the handsome loner, who brings it all back to the surface. He knows about her migraines, her dreams, and her past. With a string of dark and terrible events occurring around Ava, she is desperate for answers.

Will they be able to move past their differences to uncover the reason she sees cloaked creatures roaming their school?

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The world is on the brink of devastation.

Natural disasters, plagues, and death run rampant as the malevolent Goddess of Darkness and Destruction, Thyana, is free. The very fabric of reality unravels as Thyana executes her plan to annihilate humanity.

Gabriel Matthews, thrust into a perilous journey alongside his friends and defected Mavors, chases the ominous signs of the apocalypse.

Branded a traitor and fleeing the only life he's ever known, Gabriel is determined to thwart Thyana's intricate scheme and save humanity. Yet, his ultimate mission becomes intensely personal as he strives not only to rescue the world but also the person who matters most—Ava Black.

Ava, liberated from Thyana's clutches, grapples with newfound abilities that challenge her very identity. Racing against time, she seeks to protect her loved ones, salvage a crumbling world, and perhaps, save her own soul. Having worked tirelessly to transform into a better person, Ava questions her humanity as she battles against an emerging darkness within.

Will her friends embrace her return? Can Gabriel still see the woman she once was? The haunting possibility lingers—could Ava, like Thyana, harbor a thirst for blood?

In this gripping tale of survival, redemption, and the battle between light and shadow, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

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The Second Death of

Ava Black


Songs of ruin

In a timeless realm cloaked in shadows, Thyana relished her solitary existence until the arrival of one known as Mother shatters her world.

Suddenly, she discovers she is not the sole wielder of cosmic power. Mesmerized, Thyana witnesses the cosmic ballet as Mother forges three formidable siblings, each bestowed with their unique gifts, unveiling the vastness of her own isolation.

Her boundless love embraces her newfound kin, yet it's the radiant Tepkunset, the Goddess of Light and Life, who captures Thyana's heart. As Tepkunset shapes the first humans with her divine abilities, Thyana battles the green-eyed monster of envy, struggling to mask her true emotions. With a burgeoning family, Thyana's commitment to protect them transcends even the gods' whims, even if it means shielding them from their own nature.

As the clash between the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness looms over the fate of their creation, a cosmic conflict unfolds.

What ensues when the divine sisters diverge on humanity's purpose in the world they meticulously crafted?

Brace yourself for an epic tale where love, rivalry, and cosmic forces collide, unraveling the very fabric of existence.

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