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Here you will find short stories from multiple genres
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Endless Moonlight

Sometimes, normal romance just isn’t enough.


For readers of the paranormal, we want our romance to carry an edge, a temptation, and maybe a hint of fear. After all, how could you have anything else in worlds where vampires, shapeshifters, spirits and more wander the earth?


They need love too, don’t they?


In this addictive anthology, join our authors as they entice you with what it's like to be loved in a supernatural world. Will our stories be full of happiness, danger, or perhaps just the right amount of both?


Endless Moonlight Paranormal Romance anthology is a collage of 6 stories, each one with an element of the hidden world we desire.

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Everyone needs a little magic.

For some, that means seeking out a machine that can make you a god. For others, it’s about saving a floating isle from crashing into the sea.

And then there are those who desire magic for darker purposes … like revenge.

Seven authors bring you seven unique stories about magic and magical items in a fantastic world of imagination.

Welcome back to Mirstone.

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magic of mirstone


Quests of mirstone

Quests of Mirstone

The call of adventure awaits those bold enough to answer…

Return to Mirstone and join these heroes as they embark on epic quests, searching for lost treasures and unlocking the secrets of forgotten lands.

From the depths of dark forests to the highest peaks of mountains, these tales will transport you to a magical world filled with heroes, villains, and mythical creatures.

Get ready to be swept away by adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.


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Embark on a breathtaking journey through the world of dragon riders, where courage, friendship, and the power of flight unite to shape destinies.

This book contains 13 stories from 13 different authors, including:

  • A.G. Porter

  • Alfred Muller

  • Andrew McDermott

  • A.R. Cook

  • Craig A. Price Jr.

  • David Alan Jones

  • Jay Reace

  • Jeremy Hicks

  • Justin Turpen

  • Keith Robinson

  • pdmac

  • Selah J. Tay-Song

  • Richard Fierce

Riders of Ervum - A.G. Porter

Elders of an ancient order task a group of warriors to take a precious dragon egg to a prince. Along the way, the dragon makes an unexpected and early entrance into the dangerous world of Halacritas, a new land to discover in Mirstone.

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magic of mirstone

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