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Pieces of My Heart

In this poetry collection, A.G. Porter shares part of her story with you through the pieces of her heart scattered in the pages. She transports you through the love, loss, strength, and sorrow with which we are all familiar.

Amazon Reviewer: (5 stars) Porter's poetry is deeply personal and VERY relatable. She exposes hurts that we have all experienced in our lives and composes them in a way that feels like a farewell letter to who she was - the girl whose heart was broken - from the stronger woman she's become. It's impossible not to face your own memories anew while you read her work. Very highly recommended!

Pieces of My Soul


Pieces of My Soul is the second poetry collection from author A.G. Porter. The continuation of The Pieces Series takes the reader on a journey through love, loss, and rebirth.

Amazon Reviewer: (5 stars) A long-awaited, wonderful insight on Porter's love, Loss, and longing! I loved each poem more than the last!

Pieces of my Soul.jpg
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