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Romance Titles

Here you will find adult romance titles written under Amanda Guerrero-Porter. 

She’s dreaming of the future. He’s trying to rewrite his past.

Ivy Newton adores her position as the librarian in the small Alabama town of Sparrows Ridge. She keeps herself busy with work that changes people’s lives, running from the demons of her childhood. Content with her quiet life of solitude, and her dog Apollo, she’s focused on her patrons and working to expand the library. Her hard work is about to pay off, and she wants nothing more from life.

Until she meets Roman Belmonte.

After multiple tragedies mark his life, Roman keeps his family close, especially his little brother Harper. Working to build his own construction business, he couldn’t care less if the rest of the world burns down. In truth, he cares for others more than he lets on, but the fear of his past keeps him from living life to its fullest.

When the beautiful librarian Ivy shows up one rainy night with his little brother, he knows the walls around his heart are about to topple.

Can they find the strength to overcome their past hurts and write a new chapter together?

Fans of emotional, heartwarming romance will enjoy this full-length BIPOC novel with a happily-ever-after.

While not depicted, this novel includes references to SA, loss of life due to violence and tragic accidents, and loss of life regarding an animal.

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