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Let's Catch Up!

Things have been moving behind the scenes over here. I have been busy with life (the boys are starting school and this momma is all kinds of emotional) so I've been quiet. That doesn't mean I'm not writing because I am. Things have changed a lot for my writing schedule now that I'm working again. I'm sure it will change again when the boys have officially started their classes.

Oh yeah, I had a birthday, too. It was a great weekend with my family. And it's true, 38 ain't so bad! It's fun to share a birthday Ava!

I don't get to write every day. It's ok because I didn't write every day to begin with, but I did write most days. Now, all of my writing normally happens all at once. It's hectic and organized chaos but I get it done. Needless to say, we're all adjusting and I don't know what sleep is so...that's what caffeine is for, right?

I have had feedback from my alpha readers on Withered Pages so I am working on edits. The plan is still to have a winter release. The good thing about the feedback is they want more! I am always willing to give my readers what they want so I'm adding chapters. I can't wait to show you guys the cover by the way! It is gorgeous!

I also have been working on spin stories for the Ava Black world. One is a full-length novel (about Keira and Kat) and the other is a novella (about Thyana) that I'll be sharing in my newsletter. If you aren't signed up, please take the time to do that so you don't miss it!

And in case you missed it, the new print versions of both books (Sacrifice and Second Death) are now available to order!



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