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If you want to sign up to be an Alpha or Beta reader, please see below for more details. 

Alpha and beta readers

This is the only sign-up for Alpha and Beta Readers for A.G. Porter/Amanda Guerrero-Porter

Alpha Reader: An Alpha Reader will read a draft form of the book that is as close to the first draft as possible. It probably has seen some light self-edits, but it hasn't been professionally edited in any way. There may be two to three requests to Alpha read. Also, as an Alpha Reader, I do ask that you read the book as a writer/reader. Meaning, look for consistency, plot holes, etc. as well as grammatical errors. 

Beta Reader: Beta Readers will also normally get an unedited version, but it is close to the final draft and not far from publication. The book may also be up for pre-order at this point and I am looking for people to help hype it up. Normally, I will also ask you to leave an honest review.

Please note that I will email everyone, based on your answers, every time I need a reader. If you do not wish to participate or do not have time, that is OK! I understand that our time is limited. All you have to do is ignore the email or tell me you're not interested. At any time you want to be removed from the distribution list, please email me and I will make sure that happens. 

Finally, my Alpha Readers and Beta Readers will get a signed paperback from me as a way to say thank you for your help. There are a couple of caveats to this! First, you must send me the feedback I request. Also, I do ask that you leave a review. That is the only time I require it. I am assuming if you liked it enough to leave a review then you'll want a signed book! :)  

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