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Weird Dreams

It's been a minute since I posted here. Christmas, life, pandemic, you get it. Anyway, I had the strangest dreams the other night. I was on a book tour. It wasn't just a book festival or a book convention, but a book tour with a book deal. It was freaking stressful! LOL!

I was so excited, too, though. I knew it was for my newest book and I kept thinking, "Is this book good enough for a freaking book tour?!"

I'm sure all authors feels that way at some point in their writing journey.

What made this dream even stranger, I was on the book tour with Bailey Sarian. If you don't know who she is you don't spend enough time on YouTube or you aren't into makeup and true crime. LOL!

Anyway, she's awesome so go check her out. Not that she needs my help with promotion. She has like 3M Followers!

Hopefully, I can attend an actual book festival in the New Year. I'd be OK with a legit book tour, too. :)



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